Stained by the Light II & ART = PRAXIS Symposium | Glastonbury 2017

Stained by the Light II 2017 was Sasha Chaitow’s new solo exhibition of neosymbolist art, accompanied by music written for the paintings, and a one-day symposium of talks by scholars and artists “Art = Praxis”. The exhibition was hosted at Glastonbury Galleries between 14-23 October 2017, and the symposium took place on 15th October at the nearby Glastonbury Experience Courtyard.

Central to the exhibition and symposium concept is the idea that works of art can become dynamic, living entities, capable of transforming the viewer, who is the final link in the creative circuit. This idea draws on an ancient tradition, as well as the modern slow art movement. The art was deliberately designed as an experiential narrative journey only completed when the visitor engages mindfully with the art. This is a two-way transformational process; the art only acquires meaning in the presence of a spectator, while by engaging with the symbolic narratives and unlocking meaning within them, a transformation occurs within the viewer.

This process is the meaning of “praxis”, and the symposium presentations were dedicated to exploring the transformational power of the creative process, from experiential, scholarly, historical and philosophical perspectives.


Virtual exhibition visit


Exhibition and symposium photos

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Exhibition catalogue

This full colour, 64 page catalogue, contains all of Sasha’s 2017 work for the Stained by the Light I & II exhibitions, with concise explanations of the symbolism of each work. The print catalogue can be ordered for € 15.00 (excl. p & p) by contacting Sasha directly. For painting availability and purchase inquiries please contact Sasha using the contact form below.

Download (PDF, 3.73MB)