Stained by the Light I | Sasha Chaitow’s 2017 art exhibition | A virtual visit to the Corfu show

The full invitation for “Stained by the Light I – Corfu 2017”. Next stop Glastonbury!


Sasha outside the exhibition venue on the closing night, 7th June 2017

The “Stained by the Light” exhibition at the Corfu Reading Society has just ended, and for me it represents one of the most complete bodies of work I have ever exhibited.

As I said in a progress report written while I was preparing the collection, these paintings drew on a myriad strands from my studies over the past decade, and my conscious intent was to create art that addresses the question of how to depict complex narratives and abstract, esoteric concepts, through two-dimensional representational art.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the full exhibition catalogue (scroll and zoom functions available). The catalogue’s introductory pages offer more by way of explanation of the concepts and themes explored, and detailed explanations are also given for each of the paintings. 

About the exhibition

Sasha Chaitow with Sakis Anagnostopoulos and Sophia Skorda; two senior music students from the Ionian University Music Department, who composed original works to accompany the paintings of “Stained by the Light”.

“Stained by the Light I” was a collaborative effort between myself and two young Greek composers from the local university, who found me while I was halfway through the preparation of the paintings. Sakis Anagnostopoulos had come up with the idea of composing original music for paintings, and together with Sophia Skorda, had been searching for an artist to collaborate with.

Since the idea of synthesising the arts is close to my heart, and I am always keen to support up and coming talent. I agreed, and as a result, this became an exhibition of “melodized” art. Visitors would stand before the paintings, wear headsets playing the music written for each, and I also provided brief explanations of the symbolism embedded in the art for those wanting a clearer understanding of my rationale. Thus, painting, music, and the written word came together and invited the viewer to do the rest!



The experience

Extract from exhibition brochure

On entering the venue, visitors were informed that the exhibition was designed as a “journey” through the arts, and that their presence and input was an integral element of the exhibition itself. Click the image for the introduction included in our exhibition brochure handed to each visitor… it sums up the way we hoped they would experience the melodized exhibition.

The exhibition was extremely well attended and well received, with significant coverage from the local press, radio, and television, as well as a number of important visitors, including well-known artists, sculptors, authors, academics, and other local personalities.

Warm thanks are due to everyone who made the exhibition a success – the many friends who helped to fetch, carry, and solve last-minute problems, who took photos and filmed the talks, the local media for their interest and support, and most of all, my family and colleagues for putting up with my becoming possessed by exhibition fever over the last few weeks!


Exhibition Photos

A selection of photos from the exhibition. Click on any image for a better quality photo and to continue scrolling through the album, or float your mouse over the photos and use arrows to navigate.


A walk through the exhibition

This video was an impromptu, home-made effort, but should give readers a sense of the space and ambiance! Featuring Sakis Anagnostopoulos on the piano.

Artist Lecture and Book Presentation

Hosted by the prestigious Corfu Reading Society (the oldest cultural centre in Modern Greece, est. 1836), the exhibition incorporated an artist lecture, in which I introduced the audience to some of the latest research on the neuroscience of artistic visualisation, and a fresh presentation of my introductory book to Peladan’s life and thought. I hope to have news on the English-language version of this soon.

Photos from the lecture and book presentation that took place during the exhibition. Click photos to enlarge and continue scrolling through the album, or float your mouse over the photos and use arrows to navigate.

Exhibition Catalogue

The full exhibition catalogue is available to view below. It is not downloadable. A full-colour, luxury print edition comprising 56 colour pages as seen below is available directly from me for £12 / € 15 / $ 16 (not including p&p).

A number of the paintings are still available for sale. Please contact me at sashachaitow[@] for pricing and further information, as well as to order a print catalogue.

Use the arrows or thumbnails at the bottom to scroll through the catalogue. Click on any page to enlarge, and click the [x] button to the top right of your screen to return to the full catalogue.

Stained by the Light II will be exhibited at Glastonbury Galleries between 14-23 October 2017. More news on that soon!