Saving the Lives of Angels – UK 2016


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A visual narration of the legend of the Fall as told by Josephin Peladan.
– Artwork by Sasha Chaitow
– Music: “The Watcher,” by While Angels Watch (used with permission)
– Texts by Josephin Peladan & Plato[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Ever since beginning my research on Peladan’s life and work, I had always envisioned an art collection inspired by his esoteric-aesthetic theory. Organising my time has been challenging, since I continue to create exclusive collections for ICON Gallery, while also teaching and working on various art commissions. I had already created a series of draft illustrations towards this project, but the plan was always to come up with a full-scale exhibition.

I’m not quite there yet, but a series of serendipitous communications has brought me one step closer to this goal with my “Saving the Lives of Angels” collection: a series of twelve oil paintings that illustrate Peladan’s alternate narrative of the creation of mankind, the angelic fall from grace, and his intriguing vision of the salvation of both men and angels through art and human effort.

Watch the teaser trailer on the left for a taster, and browse through the exhibition catalogue below to see high-res images of the paintings and read about the ideas behind them.[/one_half_last]


Exhibition Catalogue

This catalogue is being produced as a luxury, full colour limited edition that will be for sale at my exhibits in the UK and available for ordering thereafter. Visitors to the Trans-States Conference will also be able to find it at the Treadwell’s stall. Price is £12 (excluding p&p).

To browse the catalogue, use the arrows or thumbnails to navigate. Click on any page to enlarge. It is not downloadable – but if you would like to pre-order a print copy directly from me, please read the info below and drop me a message!


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Painting and purchasing information:

Original paintings:

Materials: Oil on canvas board on handpainted canvas board mount. Archival materials used throughout.

Image size: 30 x 40 cm. Mounted dimensions: 40 x 50 cm.

Prints: The images are also available in a limited series of 21 numbered, signed prints. Near actual size (close to A3), on high quality photographic paper.

Exhibition Catalogue: A 48 page full colour booklet with detailed explanations of each image, and a feature-length article on Peladan and the ideas that inspired this series. Complimentary catalogues are offered with each purchase, but can also be purchased independently. 

How to reserve/purchase: To reserve a painting or a print before the exhibition a minimum 30% deposit of the total price is required. The balance is to be settled after September 15th, either in pre-arranged installments or by individual agreement. All orders paid in full will be dispatched  after September 15th 2016. Layaway and installment plans are possible.

To inquire about pricing and to reserve or purchase a painting, print, or catalogue, please contact me at [email protected] or by completing and sending the form below. [/box] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [box type=”info”]

Exhibit and lecture schedule for September 2016

7:30 pm, Tuesday 6th September 2016.

Advance Viewing and artist lecture
Treadwell’s Bookshop, 33 Store Street, London
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6 pm, Wednesday 7th September 2016
Lecture: A World of Mages and Fairies: Peladan’s Initiation for the Masses
Watkins’ Bookshop, 9-21 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ
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Thursday 8th September 2016
Closed lecture  at Wellingborough School to sixth-form art students on pursuing an art career.

9-10 September 2016
This collection was designed for exhibition at the Trans-States Conference, University of Northampton, where I will also be presenting a conference paper: Saving the Lives of Angels: Josephin Peladan’s Vision for Redemption through Art [/box] [/one_half_last]

Contact Sasha for more information