FANTAST IN FOCUS: Interview for “The Thinker’s Garden” July 2016

ICON Galley owner and curator Dr Sasha Chaitow was recently interviewed for “The Thinker’s Garden” website – a cabinet of curiosities featuring articles on the sublime and mysterious in art, history, and culture. This was a rare opportunity to draw together the threads of her diverse academic and artistic activities:


In a way, Sasha Chaitow is following in the footsteps of the earliest philosophers. Many of them spent their lives in the sun-kissed Greek islands as educators and advisers, developing their theories in the presence of cypress trees and Homer’s famous “wine-dark” sea.  Sasha however, has developed a more cosmopolitan approach to philosophy and learning, combining ancient Greek tradition with contemporary art and esotericism. Although she resides in Corfu (the site of her ICON gallery), Sasha has lectured and continues to lecture in several different countries. She’s also a leading authority on Joséphin Péladan, a French occultist and impresario who founded his own esoteric arts club in fin de siècle Paris. We caught up with Sasha to find out more about her art and research.

Read the full interview here.

Visit Sasha’s dedicated artist page at ICON Gallery Corfu.