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Νέα έκδοση: «Αναζητώντας τον Ζοζεφέν Πελαντάν»

  Με πολύ μεγάλη χαρά μπορώ να ενημερώσω τους φίλους και αναγνώστες ότι από σήμερα 1/1/2017 και με τίτλο Αναζητώντας τον Ζοζεφέν Πελαντάν:... Read More | Share it now!


Συνέντευξη για το πρόγραμμα εκθέσεων/ομιλιών στην Αγγλία «Λυτρώνοντας τους Αγγέλους». ΕΠΙΣΗΜΑΝΣΕΙΣ της Κυριακής, 18.09.2016

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις Επισημάνσεις της Κυριακής την 18.09.2016 Διεθνής αναγνώριση για την Κερκυραία ζωγράφο Σε κατάμεστες λονδρέζικες αίθουσες... Read More | Share it now!


Saving the Lives of Angels – Sasha’s UK exhibition & lecture series Sep.’16

My visual narration of the Fall legend according to the vision of a forgotten enfant terrible of Western esotericism.

Teaching English through Art

For the last 13 years teaching English (EFL) has been my bread and butter and in recent years I’ve had the creative space to develop a series of art, culture, and myth-related courses and seminars for children and adults.

FANTAST IN FOCUS: Interview for “The Thinker’s Garden” July 2016

ICON Galley owner and curator Dr Sasha Chaitow was recently interviewed for “The Thinker’s Garden” website – a cabinet of curiosities featuring articles on the sublime and mysterious in art, history, and culture. This was a rare opportunity to... Read More | Share it now!


Alchemical Bestiary collection 2016

Inspired by fantastical creatures in medieval bestiaries and allegorical symbolic beasts and chimeras from alchemical manuscripts. For each piece, I thoroughly researched the manuscript and references and added elements of the accompanying text to... Read More | Share it now!


Elysia, Aevum, and De Secretis collections 2016

Winter is usually a very busy time as I prepare new collections for ICON Gallery, launched every spring which is when the season begins here in Corfu. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes in my studio, where this (2015-2016) winter I produced... Read More | Share it now!


Saints of the Word exhibition – lecture tour in Sweden & Denmark 2015

Some months ago I received an invitation to Aarhus University to speak on Péladan’s literature and “esoteric modernism” at a closed symposium with scholars doing some incredibly exciting work in this area, breaking new ground on... Read More | Share it now!


The Occult Power of Greek Icons – Treadwell’s lecture 2015

Friends who know me from other (academic or social) contexts may have been a bit surprised to see me opening a gallery mainly focused on Greek sacred art earlier this year, but there is a host of reasons why this particular artform captured my... Read More | Share it now!


ICON Gallery and Greek Sacred Art – via Péladan and Plato

How I went from Péladan to Greek icons…. and why they’re of interest to the esoteric-academic sphere

Διαβάτη, τον δρόμο τον φτιάχνεις περπατώντας

Oταν ήρθα αντιμέτωπη με τα παράπονα των μαθητών μου, συνειδητοποίησα ότι οι τίτλοι είναι όντως άχρηστοι αν δεν πάρουμε τα βιώματα που εκπροσωπούν και δεν τα κάνουμε κάτι χρήσιμο…

PhD viva successfully passed! Taking stock and new directions

I suppose it’s true for all newly minted PhD’s, that the reality and weight of what’s just happened hasn’t quite sunk in yet. But four years of eye-wateringly hard work, and plenty of sweat and tears have been duly acknowledged... Read More | Share it now!