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Browse Sasha's art galleries featuring a selection of paintings from 2000 to her current art projects.

The Péladan project

Sasha's current research and creative project based on her study of the work of Joséphin Péladan.

Ελληνική αρθρογραφία

Επιλογή της ελληνόφωνης αρθρογραφίας της Σάσσας, από πολιτιστικά ρεπορτάζ και συνεντεύξεις μέχρι εξειδικευμένες μελέτες και στήλες.

About Sasha

Sasha is a British-Greek artist, a writer, and a scholar of the history of esotericism and culture.

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The Eye of God (Revelation of St. John), by Sasha Chaitow.

Saints of the Word exhibition – lecture tour in Sweden & Denmark

Some months ago I received an invitation to Aarhus University to speak on Péladan’s literature and “esoteric modernism” at a closed symposium with scholars doing some incredibly exciting work in...

Icon gallery is housed in a 300 year old Venetian building in the heart of Corfu Town

ICON Gallery and Greek Sacred Art – via Péladan and Plato

How I went from Péladan to Greek icons.... and why they're of interest to the esoteric-academic sphere

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The narcissism of small differences

I'm sharing this story as a (health) warning to other young scholars as well as a morality tale for authors and readers alike: when we all become dust it is the quality of your work, not your elusive celebrity that will stand the test of time.


Διαβάτη, τον δρόμο τον φτιάχνεις περπατώντας

Oταν ήρθα αντιμέτωπη με τα παράπονα των μαθητών μου, συνειδητοποίησα ότι οι τίτλοι είναι όντως άχρηστοι αν δεν πάρουμε τα βιώματα που εκπροσωπούν και δεν τα κάνουμε κάτι χρήσιμο...


PhD viva successfully passed! Taking stock and new directions

I suppose it’s true for all newly minted PhD’s, that the reality and weight of what’s just happened hasn’t quite sunk in yet. But four years of eye-wateringly hard work,...


Recent talk on Péladan at Treadwell’s

Joséphin Péladan: Eccentric buffoon, misunderstood genius, Platonic Symbolist, charlatan, madman, or visionary?